What We Do

IPR has provided more than 35 years of service to the oil & gas industry, starting with consulting services and integrating it with field services and E&P. The consulting group focuses on the optimization of petroleum assets, the field services group focus on technologies that are essential for the optimization of production and the E&P group utilizes their assets for experimenting with advanced and novel technologies.

The IPR Energy Group (“IPR”) is an international conglomerate that has been a growing force in the oil and gas industry since 1981. Evolving from its roots in EOR, reservoir simulation technology, and production optimization, the IPR Energy Group offers a unique combination of expertise in all areas of the petroleum industry. As an oil and gas producer IPR is engaged in worldwide exploration, production, acquisitions, and petroleum and geological management operations. Today, IPR is a multi-producing field operator and multi-exploration concession holder of various exploration and development concessions throughout the world.  IPR has ten (10) Concessions in Egypt, both onshore in the Western Desert, Nile Delta and Nile Valley of the Eastern Desert, and offshore in the Gulf of Suez; is partners in six (6) Joint Venture Operating Companies; and is Operator in five (5) of the Concessions.  Furthermore, IPR is a producer and explorer in the United States and Southwest Asia.


Responsibly exploring and producing petroleum assets across the globe.

Oilfield Services

Providing the manpower that drives the oilfield industry forward.

Technical Services

Worldwide industrial consulting services to the petroleum industry.