We are conscious of our responsibilities for safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of our staff and contractors involved in our operations, protecting the environment, being good neighbors in the communities we operate, and contributing to sustainable development.

Our commitment to achieving excellence in HSE performance is an integral part of our business and is essential to our long-term success. Consequently, we are committed to:

  • Adopting a systematic approach to achieving our HSEs expectations. We will achieve this by developing and maintaining a Management System that identifies, controls and monitors HSE risks associated with our operations, and conduct regular systematic assessments to support the achievement of continuous improvement.
  • Complying with applicable local and international HSEs legal and other requirements including regulations, NGO guidance, and industry standards.
  • Identify and control risks to sensitive HSEs receptors, including strategies that address wider HSEs issues such as biodiversity.
  • Pledge to make continual improvement to health, safety and environmental management to reduce accidents, environmental adverse impacts and assets damage.
  • Identifying, communicating with, and engaging our stakeholders. We will achieve this through dialogue and behaving in an ethical manner to strive to improve the quality of life of stakeholders including the workforce and host communities. We will seek ways to ensure that we operate in ways that respect host communities and their traditional rights, and value their cultural heritage.
  • Conserving resources by the efficient use of energy and water, seeking to prevent unnecessary releases and wastes, and reusing/recycling where practicable.
  • Providing comprehensive education and training for all employees to increase their awareness of the importance of HSEs, and facilitate performance improvements.
  • Develop and maintain effective contingency as preparedness for mitigating the consequences of any emergencies.
  • Evaluating, assessing and auditing HSE performance and operating practices throughout our operations, taking into account legal, technical, industrial standard, and socio-economic changes and developments.