• IPR Oilfield Services provides the latest technology and methodologies to the oil and gas sector in the Middle East North Africa Region.
  • We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers and driving down the cost of exploration and development.
  • IPR performs all services with honestly, integrity, pride and, above all else, safety.

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HSE Responsibility Program

IPR Oilfield Services has a comprehensive HSE program first compiled by professional third party specialists.

New employee orientation at the office level reviewing HSE policy, documentation, pre-screening and training.

Prior to field operations, IPR on-site HSE supervisors continue new employee training and orientation prior to engaging in actual work processes. The orientation involves hazard identification, site inspection, documentation training, and discussions of expectations with on site staff.

HSE for the seasoned team involves daily toolbox meetings, monthly training on site and monthly training at the Cairo offices. IPR maintains a matrix to track all employees are receiving all training courses required through the course of the year.

STOP program is implemented and a safety culture is maintained from the top down.

A culture of safety is of paramount importance to our company and we firmly believe each and every member of our organization has the right to a productive and safe environment and returns home without injury to their family each night.  Health and Safety is an integral part of our daily operational routine. Equipment  IPR equipment is  API certified and IPR employs routine and rigorous inspection procedures to maintain API compliance.

Environment.  IPR crews are trained to maintain a clean, trash free location, report and mitigate any spills or leaks immediately and maintain efficient operations to contain drilling fluids and cuttings.  IPR uses new, fuel efficient equipment with daily consumption levels 50% lower than larger sized equipment routinely employed to perform the same drilling or well maintenance tasks.